FRI 10th November 2023


at The Trusts Arena

Amplify Your Senses at K-Wave Auckland 2023!

K WAVE 2023 Lineup






Ride the K-Wave

Immerse Yourself in K-Wave 2023: A Spectacular Concert Showcasing Korean K-Pop Icons, Alongside 4-5 Kpop Sensations, 3 Local Musicians, and 2 Dazzling NZ Cover Dance Teams. 
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Star-Studded K-Pop Extravaganza

Get ready to be blown away by an unforgettable lineup of 4-5 sensational Kpop teams, bringing the electrifying energy of Korean pop culture to Auckland. Brace yourself for breathtaking performances, chart-topping hits, and show-stopping choreography that will leave you mesmerized.

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Local Fusion and Vibrancy

K-Wave 2023 isn’t just about Kpop stars; it’s a celebration of cultural fusion. Experience the enchanting synergy as 3 talented local musicians take the stage, infusing their unique sounds and styles into the concert. This fusion creates a musical journey that bridges continents and resonates with the heart of Auckland.

Dance Harmony Across Borders

Witness the incredible talent of 2 captivating cover dance teams from NZ as they pay homage to K-Pop’s iconic moves. These dedicated dancers will showcase their precision, passion, and love for K-Pop, highlighting the global impact of this phenomenon and solidifying New Zealand as a vital hub for K-Pop culture in the Asia Pacific region.

To all K-pop Fans



Dear K-Pop Fans,

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your remarkable enthusiasm and unwavering attention towards our upcoming event. Your excitement surrounding the lineup, venue, date, and other event details truly warms our hearts. Your words of kindness and encouragement mean the world to us.

We were deeply moved by a message shared by one of our Instagram followers. This message not only expressed their gratitude for our efforts in bringing something special to New Zealand but also shed light on the fact that the country sometimes misses out on thrilling opportunities.

It’s undeniable that the absence of major concerts in New Zealand, such as those by Blackpink, Twice, Straykids, and others, has been keenly felt. As promoters, we understand the complexities behind these decisions and the challenges we face in bringing such monumental events to Auckland or other cities in the future.

Data assumes a pivotal role in navigating this complex landscape. Promoters and artists draw upon insights from platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and YouTube Music to gauge the potential turnout at concerts. Given New Zealand’s relatively smaller market and lack of an established ticket-buying track record, promoters and management companies perceive it as a riskier venture, leading to missed opportunities.

In our unwavering commitment to change this narrative, we have set our sights on organizing KWAVE AUCKLAND—an event that not only fills the void but also serves as a testament to the robust K-Pop fandom in New Zealand. Our vision is to bring the K-Pop stars you’ve long yearned to see right here, with the unwavering support of Prime Entertainment.

Now, let’s dive into the details of KWAVE AUCKLAND 2023! Mark your calendars for November 10th, a Friday, as we take over the Trusts Arena to create an unforgettable experience.

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To ensure the resounding success of this event, we are counting on your fervent support and passion. Stay in the loop with all the latest updates by subscribing to our email newsletter. Your subscription will also provide us with invaluable insight into the level of excitement among fans.

In conclusion, let’s unite our efforts and make KWAVE AUCKLAND 2023 a memorable celebration that we can all partake in. This extraordinary gathering to celebrate K-Pop is something you undoubtedly deserve, and together, we’ll turn it into reality.

Stay tuned, and let’s make this happen together!


Join us at K-Wave 2023 for an immersive experience that transcends boundaries, ignites cultural appreciation, and sets the stage for a new era of Korean pop culture influence in New Zealand and beyond.